MCHS is seeking local volunteers to help with casual and regular roles within our organisation.

Check this page often to discover new opportunities to help us preserve and share our local history in Cavan Monaghan and the surrounding area

Volunteer Opportunities with MCHS

Volunteer Posting 1:

Volunteer Social Media Manager

Volunteer Social Media Manager


MCHS is looking for a volunteer social media manager to work with our Director of Communications to help amplify the items in our collection, provide support for our events, and share our appreciation of our sponsors, community supporters, volunteers, and members.

We are on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Familiarity with those channels, video editing, and the ability to write copy would be great skills for this role. Some training will be provided.

If interested, please complete this form and a member of MCHS will contact you: 


Volunteer Posting 2:

Volunteer Coordinator 


Volunteer Coordinator (Volunteer Position)


The MCHS Volunteer Coordinator is an ambassador to our volunteers and represents MCHS in this capacity. The MCHS Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for overseeing Volunteer activities within our organization. Their duties include interviewing and hiring Volunteers, placing Volunteers in different roles based on their qualifications and maintaining accurate Volunteer records. The Volunteer Coordinator would ideally have about 5 - 10 hours per month to dedicate to this role.

Duties include:

  • Keeping an up-to-date contact list of active volunteers
  • Reaching out to new members who check specific volunteer interests on their application form.
  • Meeting with and interviewing potential volunteers to understand their available time and interests.
  • Onboarding volunteers - provide MCHS publications; letter of thanks from the Board; and plan an in-person meeting.
  • Planning 1 volunteer appreciation event each year, in collaboration with the Board
  • Checking in with volunteers to make sure they are happy and engaged with their MCHS role
  • Reaching out to schools and other organizations to provide information about volunteer opportunities suitable for students
  • Working with Communications and the Board to ensure a positive volunteer experience
  • Regular communication with volunteers regarding events, one-off or casual needs, etc., in collaboration with Communications
  • Providing a survey and interview for volunteers that no longer wish to work with MCHS
  • Recognizing volunteers in formal and informal ways; developing new ways to recognize volunteers in collaboration with Communications
  • Arrange for introductions and training for volunteers with Board Members and others
  • Volunteer recruitment drives, in collaboration with Communications

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity, we'd love to meet to chat more about your specific interests, available time, and thoughts on the role. This is a new role and we are open to suggestions to make it an integral part of our operations.

If interested, please complete this form and a member of MCHS will contact you:|


Volunteer Posting 3:

Blocks and Blooms 

Blocks and Blooms - Casual, 1-Day Only

Description: If you can’t commit to a regular volunteer role, this may be the perfect opportunity for you! June 15th, 2024 is our Blocks and Blooms Event. We need hosts at various locations around Cavan Monaghan to assist our tour participants with finding their way, providing directions, and selling tickets. 

This is a great event for high school students looking to get their community service hours!

If interested, please complete this form and a member of MCHS will contact you:

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