Lord and Lady Tweedsmuir

Who were Lord and Lady Tweedsmuir, and what did they have to do with us? Surprisingly, their impact on us and their influence on our history is considerable, and very interesting! Please come and find out more this Thursday, March 31, 7pm, in the Fireside Lounge at Centennial Place in Millbrook. Our guest speaker is Jeanette Allenbick of the John Buchan Society, and we are also delighted to welcome several members of the Bailieboro Women’s Institute who will bring a part of their extensive and fascinating collection of Tweedsmuir Histories for viewing. There will be coffee, tea, goodies and lots of conversation. Please join us!

Millbrook Public Library

The Millbrook Public Library
1 Dufferin St, Millbrook
The Millbrook Branch- 121 Years Old and Counting!
In 1994 Millbrook celebrated 100 years of continuous library service. Begun in 1894 as a Mechanic’s Institute as were many libraries, it became a free public library the following year. For more than forty years the library occupied a storefront on the main street in Millbrook. This location was willed to the village of Millbrook by the local doctor but only as long as it was a library.

After the village of Millbrook amalgamated with the surrounding township of Cavan and the adjoining township of North Monaghan, the library was moved to a much larger, newly renovated space on the first floor of the ‘Old School’. This building was built in 1890 as a four room school. It expanded to house grades Kindergarten to Grade 8. Eventually closed by the school board it has been refurbished both inside and out and now houses the Millbrook Branch of the Cavan Monaghan Libraries, the Food Share, The Old Millbrook School Family Centre and the Community Policing Office.

The Library currently hosts our “Heritage Cabinet”.
The heritage display cabinet restored by MCHS Board member Peter Ramsay. The cabinet once displayed haberdashery at Fowler’s Men’s Wear in downtown Millbrook, and will house special Historical Society displays of local artifacts. We thank the library for being so welcoming.

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